eReader Perks & Other TidbitsPerks
  • 6 books for the price of 1 ~ Great for multiple copies for book clubs (This has now changing & BN recommends you no longer share books on devices.)
    • Nook app available for iPod, iPad, iPhone, PC, Android
  • Reluctant readers are drawn to them
  • Easy way to obtain popular books instantly
  • Students can add titles to an eWish List
  • Read To Me feature on some children's books
  • Lend Me feature (When you lend books, they are available on 6 devices for the person borrowing the book, too. Once you lend a book, you do not have access to it on any of your devices until the lending period is over. You can see how many days are left on the lending period by looking at the cover of the lent item on the home screen of your Nook.)
  • With an auxilary cord, you can also play this through your car stereo
  • Read in the dark
  • Pandora is preloaded
  • Check your email
  • Surf the web

eReader Funding

  • Enhancing Education Through Technology Grant (E2T2)
  • ARRA Grant
  • Library Equipment Budget
  • Digital Wish Grants

  • Lack of Wi-Fi at school
  • Being charged tax for titles (This issue has since been resolved.)