Nook Home Screen

  • Home Screen ~ You can get to the home screen at any time by pressing the small "n" at the bottom of the Nook.
  • Reading Now ~ At the top of the home screen there is a link to what you've most recently read. Also you will find a pull down menu listing other recently opened books or periodicals.
  • Daily Shelf ~ This runs left to right at the bottom of your screen and includes recently recieved (purchased, downloaded or borrowed). Simply swipe your finger across its contents.
  • My Shelves ~ You can create your own personal shelves for easy access to your favorite reads.
  • Status Bar ~ This is located at the bottom of the Nook beneath the Daily Shelf and includes time and icons for battery status, Wi-Fi and a shortcut to Reading Now.
  • Quick Nav Arrow ~ This is located right about the "n" at the bottom of the Nook. Tap the white arrow to make the Quick Nav Bar appear or disappear
  • Quick Nav Bar ~ Tap the icons to open features such as Library, Shop, Search, Extras, Web and Settings